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Three Men Skinned Alive & Beheaded
MEXICO: 3 unknown men were skinned alive and decapitated by the Zeta drug cartel, a placard left at the scene gave credit to the Zetas and the victims were described as rivals.
90,338 views May 9, 2017
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AK47 Level 1 685 points
this is the most horrific execution video ever.the poor guy though resisted them to his last breath
+2 votes
Nov 23, 2017
supafukinmingster Level 1 4 points open casket then?
+1 vote
Mar 18, 2018
Sauron Level 1 86 points
I guess not  LOL
YeLLoWcAkE238 Level 1 112 points
oh dear that looks extremely painful this is a vicious one.
0 votes
Feb 8
meatsaw12345 Level 1 43 points
This video owes us two more guys, what did they do with the faces and how come you never see any of these murder sites getting raided or a rival cartel coming to their mens rescue. You can say these spots are secret all you want but i bet they have eyes on them from the police and other cartels,
0 votes
Feb 9
Sauron Level 1 86 points
well only one man was being beheaded and they did not even finish the job.  need a longer video   i did enjoy the fighting and gurgling right until the end however
0 votes
May 9
robbievik Level 1 146 points
wow they were woman doing this too what evil cunts
0 votes
Aug 3
rb Level 5 16,161 points
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