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K9 Unit Rips Guy's Face Apart
Helicopter cam added / Pics in comments

Carlos Balli was ducking away from Arizona state officers in Glendale when Detective Brad Martin released a dog on him.

The canine, Storm, chewed Balli's nose flesh off. Storm also ripped a sizable chunk of skin off Balli's face, leaving him scars that will stay with him for the rest of his life.
2,050 views Jul 12
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The DarkCrusader Level 1 20 points
i fucking love it. if you dont want to be eaten by a fucking dog, then dont do crime. simple as that. well rewarded. thank you for your service.
0 votes
Jul 12
Fuck Trump Level 1 0 points
This guy stole a fucking car.  That means he deserves life-altering injuries?  Fuck you and fuck the sadist po po pieces of shit you support.
The DarkCrusader Level 1 20 points
your goddman right, dont do crime if you wanna live
Yup. Chump. Way to win over CITIZEN'S support. You fukin animals brutalize your supposed fellow citizens and then when the citizen sues the city, you walk away leaving us with the bill. THEN we fucking pay your fucking pension for the rest of your miserable life. FUCK YOU CUNTS
0 votes
Jul 18
The DarkCrusader Level 1 20 points
someone is salty. hope you dont get caught doing something wrong either cause il be here watching you get fucked
mark Level 4 7,860 points
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