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Dismembered and Beheaded In Russia
wow this is just pure evil. Russia just followed Brazillian step!
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Henry Howard Holmes Level 1 123 points
The killed was 23-year-old Omsk Andrei Shishkin. The day before, together with his buddies - the same supporters of the skinhead movement - he decided to celebrate Hitler's birthday. Noisy company gathered in the apartment of a familiar girl, where they usually held entertainment meetings. But that day it all ended in a bloody disassembly.

Torture lasted more than four hours

The leader of the gang 20-year-old Ewald Raats suspected Shishkin in connection with law enforcement and betrayal of the ideals of the skinhead movement. Andrew excused himself. Then Raats beat him and slashed him with a knife but his legs. Then a 21-year-old employee of the SRT Roman Kostin joined the bullying. He put before the poor man a choice: either he would be cut off his head, or outraged. Andrei chose the last option.

When Shishkin came out of the restroom, then, so that it all stopped, he said that he really worked for the police. Then the 15-year-old student of vocational school Arkasha Petrenko boiled. He took the knife, threw the guy on the sofa and scratched the word "trash" on his forehead. And then with a baseball bat, the scumbags broke their miserable leg. The torture lasted more than four hours. The drunken guys who had turned up were already unstoppable. They dragged Andrew to the bathroom. First, cut off his head, and then dismembered the body. The four of them were killed: Raats, Kostin, Petrenko and 17-year-old Andi Kasayev, half Russian half Chechen.
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Jul 1
mark Level 4 7,874 points
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