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Woman Beaten And Shot By Cartel Until Her Dead
A cartel victim that actually fights BACK, that's a first ,and then they shot her to dead.
58,793 views Sep 14, 2017
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meatsaw12345 Level 1 48 points
I think that was a guy that tried to look like an ugly woman, spot on with the ugly total failure with the woman part. These men call themvselves transvestites but no matter howvyou slice it they are in fact men just very sick in the head and we should never even entertain the notion that they think they are female, that is why he got his ass beat and that is why they shot the sick fuck. That voice sounded 100% male if it turns out that it was a female, then it was a mercy killing. So the next time you see a dudevtrying to pass himself off asca woman,  walk up and call him sir or dude or guy fuck those sick fuckers!
–1 vote
Feb 9, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 91 points
lmao so funny you hetero freak u lot are the ones who need hanging and slit frm ear to ear you sicko breeder fucker
rb Level 5 16,851 points
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