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Cartel executes a woman
78,706 views Nov 16, 2016
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This was fake as fuck! This whole site is pathetic clickbait anyhow, and the moderator wouldn’t surprise me to be some 78 year old chink who doesn’t know how to update a website. Don’t call it Gore, might as well be extreme woman-hating porno. Which hey, fine by me. But don’t call it gore!
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Apr 29, 2019
Mr x
You cartel is cowardly cartel fuck you man
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Dec 3, 2019
I used to think it was fake, but mainly the audio being out of sync makes it seem off.  Watch with the sound off.  Note two things:  How quickly the woman drops and the apparent recoil of the rifle.  The video is old and faking that takes a lot of effort.  (The amount of muzzle flash is weird and is the only thing that keeps me wondering.)
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Jan 11
rb Level 5 16,752 points
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