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There is ongoing chaos in the majority English-speaking city of BUEA southwest region of Cameroon after a gendarmerie officer was beaten to death by an angry mob for opening fire on a car and killing a school pupil this morning.

Sources say the horrible incident which has been circulated on social media- happened in the early morning hours of Thursday 14th October in a location given as Molyko - in front of the Divine Mercy Co-Cathedral church.

reports say the parent of the young victim was driving her daughter to school and apparently refused to pull over after a stop and search conducted by the security officer- in retaliation, the officer opened fire on the vehicle instantly killing the young child. An angry mob quickly assembled from eyewitnesses. The officer was beaten to death at the scene while the mob matched with the lifeless body of the child towards the office of the regional governor.
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Oct 15
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Oct 15
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Oct 16
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Oct 16
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Oct 20
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Nov 8
TheDevilsAngel Level 3 3,737 points
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