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Crazy! Russian Prisoner Raped with Giant Pole
21,387 views 6 days ago

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he like it
0 votes
6 days ago
Tanel Level 1 480 points
If he was a rapist then he deserved it.If not then these pigs should fucking die!Fucking animals!
+2 votes
6 days ago
Daniel Lakkari Level 1 407 points
That is fucking beyond awesome. If I was there I'd stick that pole down so hard that motherfucker would choke on it. Then stomp on his stomach for good fucking measure.
–1 vote
6 days ago
shit on cock Level 2 2,022 points
you will probably lay there and take it like the whore you are , and shit on their cocks
Daniel Lakkari Level 1 407 points
You're saying that so competently like you have years of experience behind your back lmao
shit on cock Level 2 2,022 points
you will be laying there taking it and shitting on my cock , internet tough guy... go do your home works now
Honky kong Level 1 727 points
It's the pole-ish invasion of Russia! Lol
–2 votes
5 days ago
Whatever. Level 1 81 points
Put In
+1 vote
5 days ago
shit on cock Level 2 2,022 points
im jerking off right now
–1 vote
5 days ago
Fecal fucker
You find the blur sexy, do you lad?
shit on cock Level 2 2,022 points
that pole looked kinda dirty when they pulled it out right ?
They covered his face to not get in trouble.
Fuck respecting his identity if raping a man in prison.
 This guy was enjoying it at first fs btw.
I see worse on porn sites and plenty of blood on this site, so why did they censor this?
It wasn't even bleeding badly nor was it an shitty mess.
–1 vote
5 days ago
Wonder if that was the main course?Do i have 2 pay extra? ill even pretend im giving u a yelp review while maintaining a firm handshake and looking dead in your the eyes
–1 vote
4 days ago
theredwatercomesout Level 2 1,337 points
Well I'm glad I'm the one watching the video and not the other way around lol
0 votes
4 days ago
NiggerKiller Level 1 2 points
Why would you put that in anyone's asshole, that's so gay
–2 votes
3 days ago
Roman's Revenge Level 1 256 points
I bet you dream of doing that to niggers huh?
mark Level 7 41,122 points
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