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Combat Footage Of Execution In Somalia
7,693 views Oct 11

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Sussy Baka Level 1 422 points
Just a nigga with a rocket launcher
–1 vote
Oct 11
shit on cock Level 2 2,022 points
your mother seem to enjoy niggers '' rockets '' ... my nigger rocket in particular... you can both shit on my cock for a nitendo ! Good deal !

Look, the sandmonkey is "pushing" the bullets like if it was a spear.
–1 vote
Oct 11
Ivan Level 1 190 points
Actually I'm suprised that the monkey didn't grab the bullets and start flinging them.
Rex Black Level 1 274 points
Can someone tell me what they are shooting at around the 3 minute 35 second mark, when they are shooting into water? Thank you in advance just tryna understand.
–1 vote
6 days ago
Ivan Level 1 190 points
3:34 There are 2 niggers swiming away, you can see them on the left of the screen... one is 5 meters away from the shoreline, the other one 50 meters away just above the first one.

Kind of hard to see because the other niggers shot the entire fucking ocean.
Honky kong Level 1 727 points
Thanks, didn't see that either while viewing on my phone, watched it again on the laptop, can indeed see two knobs bobbing in the water briefly.
Ivan Level 1 190 points
That's the most interesting thing about this video... here, over water, the spray and pray doctrine it's clearly visible. Truly astonishing.
Honky kong Level 1 727 points
Someone get these men fishing poles. 3:27, they declare jihad on the ocean lol
–1 vote
6 days ago
according to the Quran the ocean is an infidel therefore it must be rightfully hunted down and killed
0 votes
6 days ago
mark Level 7 41,122 points
The Best Collection Of Beheading, Killing, Suicide, And Stabbing Videos!
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