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Mexican Drug Cartel Beheads Two Captives With Chainsaws
This incredibly graphic footage shows a vicious Mexican drug cartel behead two of their prisoners with chainsaws.
The video opens with the cartel giving the captives a chance to say their final words. Skip to the 3:05 mark to see the graphic execution that is sure to send chills down your spine.
The video serves as a grim reminder of how violent people can be just a few miles south of our border…
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mark Level 4 11,656 points
OH MY GOD ! they did it fast! What the fuck this guys ve done?
+1 vote
May 27, 2017
AK47 Level 1 686 points
they are a man and his uncle.they smuggled drugs to USA after they stole it from the cartel.&they were captured
+1 vote
Nov 12, 2017
mark Level 4 11,656 points
good info sir!!
AK47 Level 1 686 points
thanks @mark
GoreMaster Level 1 40 points
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
0 votes
Jan 23, 2019
dechescatation Level 1 1 point
2019. Who's still watching?
0 votes
Mar 3, 2019
Wow this is wild af
0 votes
Jul 14, 2019
Keep this in mind when Democrats talk about opening our borders.
0 votes
Feb 19
PsychoticKiwi Level 1 20 points
This is a classic!
0 votes
Feb 21
rb Level 5 16,459 points
The Best Collection Of Beheading, Killing, Suicide, And Stabbing Videos!

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