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HKG48 香田 証生 斬首映像。 Shosei Koda Beheading #HKG48



Japanese man Shosei Koda beheaded by bunch of jihadist in Iraq.

Shosei Koda (香田 証生 Kōda Shōsei, 29 November 1979 – 29 October 2004) was a Japanese citizen who was kidnapped and later beheaded in Iraq on 29 October 2004 while touring the country. He was the first Japanese person beheaded in Iraq.

He ignored advice not to travel to Iraq, and entered the country, because he wanted to know what was happening there.

Koda's captors stated that they would "treat him like his predecessors Berg and Bigley" (Bigley was murdered just weeks before) if Japan did not withdraw its forces from Iraq within 48 hours. The Japanese government headed by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi refused to comply with these demands, stating that they will not concede to terrorists.

#HKG48 #terrorist #香田証生 #ShodaKosei #beheading #dismember #斬首 #首切り

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