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To make your rivals sing everything you need and leave to the other world without remorse. A news shocked the citizens of the state of Veracruz when the case of a woman who was abandoned by hired assassins while she was handcuffed, blindfolded and near a narcomensaje in the municipality of Cerro Azul was unveiled.

The police report indicated that the woman of at least 25 years survived a kidnapping, because days before she was picked up by hired assassins, who interrogated her and accused her of selling narcotics without having a permit from the Gulf Cartel. In a video broadcast on social networks, four assassins were seen using large-caliber pistols and tactical equipment, who after questioning the women decided to release her in a vacant lot in Veracruz.

Some users mentioned that the assassins belonged to the Gulf Cartel that works in the state of Veracruz, whose name is the Special Forces Grupo Sombra (FEGS).

The assassins assured that the reason for which they pardoned the saleswoman without affiliation was so that she told everything that could happen to the people who dedicate themselves to be extortionists, kidnappers and rivals.

The victim revealed that this time she was forgiven by the hit men; however, he is aware that the next one could go to the other world abruptly.

Currently there are few cases of luck that are recorded in Mexico in which assassins leave their victims alive to spread the terrifying messages they have for other criminal cells.

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Wallbuilder2000 Level 1 36 points
That was the stupidest pose bs ive ever seen.  I bet they are already chopped up
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Feb 13
rb Level 5 16,079 points
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