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Old Man Is Beheaded By Young Punk
No further info about this video.
14,176 views Jul 30, 2017
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pasck667 Level 1 2 points
I actually feel sorry for this man but I guess his time was almost over anyway lol
+1 vote
Sep 25, 2017
Billknight Level 1 199 points
His head looks like a turnip
0 votes
Oct 16, 2017
Blood&Guts Level 1 55 points
What a rookie .....Never been good at anything in his worthless little life...
0 votes
Apr 21, 2018
I never thought I'd say this but that was the most retarded beheading I've ever saw
0 votes
Nov 7, 2019
rb Level 5 16,765 points
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