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Now shove rocks in her vagina so the next guy that comes along won't be able fuck her corpse too...

170,196 views Jan 9, 2019

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ANONO Level 1 11 points
Real or fake?
–4 votes
Mar 20, 2019
robbievik Level 1 203 points
he hasnt been laid in a while and some bitch ruined him financially
Vafangool.4k Level 1 10 points
obviously fake
darabashe Level 1 58 points
real as your brain xd
Alpha_Kenny_Body Level 1 197 points
You’ve never heard of porn have you
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 86 points
lucky filthyy slag ,totaly faked n staged 1 as if a hunk like him wud be hom,eless n need to rape, 2 as if theyd be a shovel just there 3 the slag wudnt just aimlessly linger to get wacked , 4 even when he supposedly killed it it was jst not real again a tattooed perfect face haired muscled hunk would never need to rape
–2 votes
Nov 29, 2019
Jew Slayer Level 1 300 points
Dude you’re an idiot. This guy is FAR  muscled, perfect hair and face ! He’s a scum bag looking nasty fat guy with a couple tattoos LOL. Yes the video is fake but the rest of it is bullshit. You silly moron.
Alpha_Kenny_Body Level 1 197 points
It seems the enemies are fighting each other, perfect
Joor79 Level 1 188 points
The acting is superb......
+1 vote
Jul 11, 2020
I swear I lmaoooo I did not expect this
As real as FOE in North Korea !
0 votes
Aug 10, 2020
SweetCandy9 Level 3 5,632 points
My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now(8428):
0 votes
Apr 13
0 votes
May 13
Slumerica Level 2 1,071 points
Well I guess that's an A for effort.... Lmao
0 votes
Jul 10
ImNot2Sure Level 1 183 points
Nice acting lmao
0 votes
Jul 28
i was just curious but its actually real
0 votes
Aug 28
Leo Level 5 17,304 points
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