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Sniper Headshot A Soldier
easy target practice.
16,531 views Jul 22

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SheLovesBigNiggerDic Level 1 37 points
Good shot
0 votes
Jul 22
Jew Slayer Level 1 217 points
@SheLovesBigNiggerDic LMAO so says the nigger who shoots a pistol sideways and can’t hit the side of a barn door lol. Serious question blackie, how come niggers don’t think of anything honorable and righteous , something of substance and character ? All you skinny peckered bastards talk/think about is that thing between your legs that you piss out of every morning ! I’m serious Nogg , what is it you parasites are so obsessed with your penis that it’s ALL any of you talk about ? Give me a good argument instead of your incredibly immature comebacks, I gotta hear this ….
crackaholic69 Level 1 91 points
what did he do to warrant that reply? lmao also can I resend this on discord?
Move Along
Shut the fuck up racist ass cunt it’s 2021 stop being a fucking loser and grow some balls trifling ass bitch
crackaholic69 Level 1 91 points
I'd rather not have balls
Nigger Slayer 14/88
Stating the current year doesn't nullify you're opponent's argument or claim. How about you shut the fuck up and eat shit & rot in your stinky ass room, you moronic swine.
crackaholic69 Level 1 91 points
I second this
SheLovesBigNiggerDic Level 1 37 points
It’s because your women loves our big monkey dicks.
crackaholic69 Level 1 91 points
as a female I assure you I do not like your monkey dicks
As he cartwheels, you can see the blood spraying out of his head. Poor fatty.
0 votes
Jul 22
MR_B33 Level 1 8 points
This guy should be doing a "No Scope 360" part.
0 votes
Jul 27
mark Level 7 36,159 points
The Best Collection Of Beheading, Killing, Suicide, And Stabbing Videos!
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