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Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, and her friend Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, were found with their throats cut near the village of Imlil in Morocco's High Atlas mountains on Monday.

A man, reportedly from Morocco, has been arrested in connection with their murders, as several other culprits are being hunted, officials confirmed today.

Ms Vesterager Jespersen and Ms Ueland, who were both named in Scandinavian media today, had reportedly been backpacking in the area when they were killed.

A local guide who works in the area said the body of one woman was found inside the tent they shared and the other just outside it. Both women had been studying 'outdoor activities and cultural guidance' at a college in the village of Bo, in Telemark, Norway, Danish newspaper BT reports. Ms Vesterager Jespersen, from Ikast, west Denmark, 'had her throat cut,' her mother Helle Petersen was quoted by the BT as saying.

Her family had warned her against going to Morocco 'because of the chaotic situation', she added.

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zack Level 2 2,424 points
What the hell this human...i guess this guys is isis right?(whew)
+1 vote
Jan 13
duydxhp Level 1 0 points
No, it's maroco.
Steve1999 Level 1 6 points
0 votes
Jan 20
GoreMaster Level 1 38 points
ok, looks pretty brutal poor girls
0 votes
Jan 23
Tommy Level 1 6 points
Poor? lol Who cares? Just dumb libtards dying for their cause.
Zoio de peixe Level 1 40 points
Fuck this bitch.
winnie 123 Level 1 2 points
fuck you bastard !
inhuman bastards, i hope this insanity stops soon, i don't understand how someone is capable of such atrocity.
0 votes
Feb 4
Zoio de peixe Level 1 40 points
She deserves this, fuckin bitch.
YeLLoWcAkE238 Level 1 111 points
I cannot give a thumbs up as it would not feel right , however i do give one to the OP and to this site for making it available for the public , as we all know the internet is slowly being corralled and the days of the old net are nearly over so sites like REC LiVEGORE are more important now  than ever, the real world is cruel and brutal and a dose of reality may just save your life one day.
+1 vote
Feb 5
Why any other race is good but white trash, it's horrific? Fuck that, this is funny as hell. Just like the rest.
–1 vote
Feb 16
Tommy Level 1 6 points
They're just liberals. So it's fine.
just keep on bringing in this ppl to normal countries, and see what happens, ppl around the world are blind, everyone who thinks muslims and isis are good, you are totely fuckt upp in the head. close the borders and show the people the real news on tv, and with really happens around us.
+2 votes
Feb 17
Well Morocco dirty niggers what do you expect
+1 vote
Feb 18
Wish I could have seen her getting fucked first.
–1 vote
Mar 2
Devil May Cry Level 1 34 points
And for what for no fucking reason. ok people be careful and be aware that not everyone is full of love. be suspicious and careful what u do. they were innocent and prolly full of love so they thought other people are like that but most of them arent so....
0 votes
Mar 7
rb Level 5 16,101 points
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