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Lmfao!!! Go Cory. Tear that pussy up...

49,623 views Dec 2, 2018
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Gave me some serious erection
0 votes
Mar 1
fake they are NOT dead.
0 votes
Mar 22
hicks Level 1 41 points
No rigor mortis - fake!
+1 vote
Apr 12
Stiff Competition
Rigor mortis starts 2 hours after death and can last 54 hours, so these girls look like they have only been dead a short time. They are definitely not alive.
+1 vote
Apr 28
This is disgusting. I'm absolutely horrified and shocked by this. All faith in humanity: gone. Crocs????? Really????
0 votes
May 7
Loltopkek Level 1 33 points
I didnt see any crocs >_>
robbievik Level 1 148 points
necophilia at its best my as well get while it is still warm lol
0 votes
Jul 17
Loltopkek Level 1 33 points
Fake. The bodies arent stiff.
0 votes
Aug 4
Dieter_k Level 1 3 points
i bet she was stiffer than he was
0 votes
Aug 5
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 50 points
typical dnt get to see if the guy is fit , wonder how the dirty slags were killed?
0 votes
Nov 29
rb Level 5 16,161 points
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