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75,083 views Jul 23, 2017
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May Level 1 43 points
That was Gore 100%
+1 vote
May 20, 2018
slim-rob2019 Level 1 7 points
Shocked by this video. Hacked conscious. Terrible.
0 votes
Apr 9, 2019
theredwatercomesout Level 1 124 points
I've always wondered why none of them go away with some pride and tell them to go fuck their mothers. Probably not a good idea but you're gonna die anyway.
0 votes
Jan 9
Homo12 Level 1 164 points
Even animals are better than you bastards you all scumbags will be chopped into pieces in hell like you did to others your faith is no different jerks
0 votes
Sep 11
theredwatercomesout Level 1 124 points
Dame una mano carbon!! rofl
0 votes
Nov 4
rb Level 5 16,752 points
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