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#HKG48 Heart still beating after rip out. 心臓がまだ動いてる! グロ

#HKG48 HKG48

Rip Out Beating Heart from Victim

Prisoners brutally Rip Out Beating Heart from Victim.

A man riding a scooter of some type was involved in a nasty crash which lift him mangled on the street. His chest and abdomen opened up and painting the street. But the point of interest in the video is that Man's heart had been ejected from his body and lands some distance away,and still beating. This has always fascinated as it just looks fucking sick. The accident happened so quickly that the heart is continuing to try to do it's job. It hasn't gotten to message that it's dead yet.


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Sauron Level 1 87 points
cool video.  amazing the heart was still beating even though his head was cut off before his heart was torn out
0 votes
May 9, 2019
skavicht Level 1 87 points
I like to see the heart that still beats slowly
0 votes
Jun 11, 2019
HKG48 Level 1 965 points
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