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#HKG48 Man Skinned Alive & Beheaded

MEXICO: unknown man were skinned alive and decapitated by the Zeta drug cartel, a placard left at the scene gave credit to the Zetas and the victims were described as rivals.


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Damn guys to think he was still alive the whole time is disturbing! Also the way his bloody skull had missing eyes staring at you is fucking creepy! These cartel drug traffickers are really fucked up!
0 votes
Apr 7, 2019
I've seen a lot of gore in my day,  but this is single handedly the cruelest thing I've ever seen done to someone.  I'd fucking bury those assholes if I could and that's not a joke.
0 votes
Apr 9, 2019
Sauron Level 1 87 points
wow,  this is indeed the goriest video i have seen.  those guys seemed to be taking their time and enjoying cutting this guy up
0 votes
May 9, 2019
This is so fucking disgusting. I wish we could all sit back and watch the same thing happen to them and their families!

These fucking creepy losers need to be eradicated! 1 by 1.

Seriously how fucked up do u have to be to do this shit
0 votes
Jan 11
Chris 1976 Level 1 12 points
Hi...wo kann ich das ganze Video sehen ?
0 votes
Jan 12
HKG48 Level 1 965 points
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