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Australian businessman plunges 100ft to his death while parasailing in Thailand
A prominent Australian businessman has plunged to his death while parasailing in Thailand, with his wife capturing footage of the horrifying fall from the beach below.

Roger John Hussey smiled for his wife, who filmed him as he stood on Kata Beach, in Phuket, and prepared to take part in the water sports activity on Wednesday.

But just moments after being lifted up into the air, the 70-year-old fell more than 100 feet into the shallows below as his wife and dozens of horrified beachgoers watched on.
Emergency services rushed Mr Hussey to the nearby Patong Hospital but he was pronounced dead a short time later.

The Perth-based businessman and his Thai-born wife Budsabong Thongsangka were reportedly just 12 days into their dream holiday.
According to his social media accounts, Mr Hussey was educated at the prestigious Oxford University where he completed a Masters' degree in Economics and Politics.

He later also studied at the renowned Stanford University in California, United States.

In the wake of Mr Hussey's death, the boat operator and staff member on the parasail were reportedly both arrested and charged with recklessness leading to death.

Lt. Col. Suwisit Keereerak, Deputy Chief Inspector of Karon Police Station, said they were now investigating the accident.

The two staff who were charged were named as the parasailor Rungroj Rakscheep, 38, and Montien Chandeng, 45, the boat captain.
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The most frightening video where they dismembered a former member of the Zetas Por traicionero
Posted on Tuesday July 10, 2018

The Blog of the narco press the video more land of the narco, where they cut off his two feet, and when they cut his arm they make fun of him while they force him to say "Arriba Los Zetas".

The most frightening video where they dismembered a former member of the Zetas "Por traicionero"

One of the most brutal videos I've seen, dismembering people is made so extreme by the mere fact of the victim's suffering, brutal videos published by the Zetas where they mercilessly assassinate their ex member for treason , the man cries while they continue cutting their limbs and bleeding, "Morena" would be the victim's nickname since the video is heard - "Are you already sleeping dark?" The video almost arriving at 3 minutes is cut.

The Zetas in 1999 began to work for Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, recruiting former soldiers to create the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel; eventually begins to recruit members in active service of the 15th Infantry Battalion in Tampico, belonging to the 8th Military Zone, located in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

Creepy And Spooky Video Where C.D.G Cuts Off The Heads Of 2 Kidnappers And Thieves
Posted on Friday July 06, 2018

The video was received by the Blog del narco anonymously, A new episode of the violent war between drug cartels has been registered in Mexico.

Creepy and spooky video where CDG cuts the head to 2 kidnappers and thieves

In social networks, videos and images have been disseminated from where Cartel del Golfo dismembers thieves. In one of the terrifying videos, it is seen as hooded men with bulletproof vests. During interrogation, they blame kidnappings planning in different Zacatecas municipalities.

The Gulf Cartel is considered one of the main signs of violence in Zacatecas, as well as being responsible for various executions and kidnappings in the region; has a criminal influence in Tamaulipas and other states of Mexico.

Rapist Receives a Prison Welcome Beating
Posted on Saturday May 12, 2018

Yea you rape, you deserve that. That should be Standard Operating Procedure for all convicted rapist/child molesters! I believe this happened in Brazil prison.

Brutal ISIS Shotgun Forehead Executions Captured by High Res
Posted on Saturday May 12, 2018

Three men got their heads cut off by isis.

ISIS Releases Video of Ambushing and Killing Four US Soldiers in Niger
Posted on Saturday May 12, 2018

ISIS has released a video appearing to show their fighters ambushing and killing four US soldiers in Niger.

The 9 minute, 15 second video ( nearly 2 minutes cut off ) appears to be shot from multiple helmet cams on the US soldiers who died in on October 4 in Tongo Tongo, Niger in an ambush by 50 ISIS militants.

The video reveals heartbreaking details about the courageous last moments of the four soldiers, although it is edited with multiple cuts that make the full context of the firefight unclear.

The attack raised questions about the US military's role in Niger, where about 800 US military personnel are stationed to train local forces and operate drones.

It also sparked a furious dispute between President Donald Trump and a Democratic congresswoman from Florida who claimed he slighted the family of one of the soldiers.

The ambush occurred as a unit of 12 American special forces soldiers and 30 Nigerien troops returned from the village near the border with Mali, where they had been hunting for a senior Islamic State member.

Killed were Staff Sergeant Bryan Black, 35; Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson, 39; Sergeant La David Johnson, 25; and Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright, 29.

The helmet cam portion of the video begins with the Americans pinned down under gunfire next to a tactical truck and a Toyota Landcruiser.

Together with a few Nigerien allies, the US soldiers move with each vehicle toward colored smoke grenades that have been deployed for cover and to alert air support.

It would be two hours later until French jets arrived to provide air support.

Soldiers walk next to each vehicle, laying down suppressive fire as the vehicles roll over the desert scrub.

After a cut, it appears that the Nigerien support personnel and tactical vehicle are gone, and three US soldiers are making a final stand by the Landcruiser.

The driver of the Landcruiser steers it from a prone position, with his legs sticking out the passenger side door, as two other soldiers move along side firing at the enemy.

One of the US soldiers walking by the Landcrusier crumples to the ground in the chaos. He appears dead.

The soldier wearing the helmet cam, who appears to be La David Johnson, checks the body. The driver of the Landcruiser jumps out and helps Johnson drag the downed soldier to cover.

A firefight ensues. Automatic weapons fire from multiple directions is heard.

Johnson crouches by the rear of the Landcruiser, the ground around him covered in shell casings. The other soldier crouches by the hood of the vehicle.

Johnson checks his weapon and gestures to the soldier by the hood. He appears to be out of ammunition.

He and the other soldier spring up from behind the Landcruiser and run for it.

The two soldiers sprint for some time within sight of each other. Bullets kick up puffs of dirt around the two men as they run. Gunfire is everywhere.

Johnson, wearing the helmet cam, screams and falls to the ground. The agonizing screams continue as he struggles to rise and falls back to the hard-packed dirt.

Blood pools next to Johnson as he lies on the ground. His breathing is quick and shallow.

Large-caliber machine gun fire rips through Johnson as he lies on the ground, blowing his watch off his wrist. The broken watch strap lies in the dust.

Three masked militants stride around Johnson armed with AK-47s. Gunfire rips through his body again. Blood pours onto the dirt in front of his face. The camera cuts off.

Additional video shot by the militants shows the bodies of two of the other US soldiers.

What appear to be the bodies of Wright and Jeremiah Johnson lie near each other.

Both men have been stripped of their helmets, body armor and boots. They have severe injuries to their faces and necks and blood pools around their heads.

There are indications of post-mortem mutilation to both bodies.

After the video's release, an online channel associated with ISIS encouraged would-be lone wolves to draw inspiration from it and attack citizens of 'Crusader coalition countries.

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