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Romário dos Santos Silva, 26, Ubirajara da Silva Santos, 26, Eduardo Fernandes dos Santos, 30, and Brimax Silva Lisboa, 24.
On Monday afternoon, the Secretary of Public Security presented the suspects who participated in the quartering of Genaldo Vieira dos Santos, 46, on Wednesday (12), in the municipality of Girau do Ponciano. According to police, the victim was killed by revenge.

According to information from Valdeks Pereira, the investigator, the suspects are: Romário dos Santos Silva, 26, Ubirajara da Silva Santos, 26, Eduardo Fernandes dos Santos, 30, and Brimax Silva da Silva, 24. Among them, a minor of 14 years also participated in the crime, in addition to Thayse Nascimento Duarte, 19, who is on the run.

Thayse would be the intellectual author of the crime and the person responsible for cutting the penis, removing the heart and ripping the victim's head off the chest.

Still according to the delegate, on the day of the crime, Genaldo Vieira was at home when the teenager, along with Ubirajara and Romário, broke the door and kidnapped the victim. During the action, Romário and Ubirajara stabbed Genaldo, in addition to being responsible for tying the victim's hands.

The youngest of 14 years also participated of the crime recording the video and laughing during the filming, in addition, it helped Thayse to cut the pieces of the victim. Eduardo Fernandes, who is a taxi driver, was responsible for taking the suspects to the scene of the crime. Brimax was not at the scene, but he would have planned the kidnapping.

Thayse and the younger girl lived together. Inside their residence, weapons, ammunition and drugs were found. The knives that were seized were buried in front of the brothers' house Ubirajara and Brimax.

According to delegate Gustavo Xavier, from the Arapiraca Regional Police Station, Genaldo may have been killed by mistake, since no evidence has yet been found of the crime that the victim allegedly committed in Pernambuco, where Genaldo allegedly killed two hanged children. Those accused of Genaldo's death would have killed to take revenge for this crime.

"He may have been confused and for this reason, he ended up paying with his own life. Genaldo lived alone and was unemployed. Initial hearings indicate that the group acted to avenge the children's deaths, but may have been another motive, such as a drug-trafficking dispute, "said the delegate.

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