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El Fredy Of Los Zetas Confesses His Crimes And His Then Executed By El CJNG
This Sunday, July 15, the eight-part quartered body of Fredy Maldonado appeared and was picked up by members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel in Veracruz.

Video where Fredy de los Zetas confesses his crimes and then is executed by El CJNG
He had been raised a day earlier on Saturday in Las Choapas, where the following day a video of Fredy was circulated and interrogated by armed men of the CJNG where the victim confessed his participation in kidnappings, extortion and arms sales for the Los Zetas group. the Old School, after having confessed his crimes was assassinated with an ax and sectioned in several parts, in the end his head was cut off, the events occurred the same Saturday that was raised in Las Choapas.
The people who dismantle the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación - they do it when they are still alive, in the end they cut off their heads. What will they think when they have you driven? Will they hope that they will be left alive? Before questioning them, they tell them to leave them free with only one "plank! They do it so that they confess because if they do not, they already know that they will be killed and before they die they will see how their limbs are cut one by one.

As reported by Fredy Maldonado in recent months, was identified in social networks of intimidation and threats, likewise accused by the former PRI candidate for the XXX district Maria Luisa de la Rosa, having used an association to ask for money from citizens of the rural area.

In another second video released can be seen in a wooded area, surrounded by hooded men, with weapons, appears a gloomy image: the body of Fredy Maldonado Jiménez, severed in eight parts as reported by the authorities of the state of Veracruz.

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