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Firstly the description of this section states that torture videos are allowed so I'm assuming that this is where this is supposed to be posted. If not, please could a mod' move it to the correct section.

Secondly, please be warned, this is heartbreaking.

The video came with the caption 'mother trying to kill her kids cuz husband left her' - I do not know if this is correct. Either way, this is just fucking evil.
14,403 views Jul 19, 2018
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Sauron Level 1 89 points
tough to watch
0 votes
May 9, 2019
robbievik Level 1 153 points
Someone should beat her to a inch of her life
+1 vote
Jul 17, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 95 points
you sick bastard you have a problem with this ,yet were turned on seeing a kitten crushed to death you sick in the brain freak
The DarkCrusader Level 1 21 points
just a black kid. to bad so sad. this is why i love my gated community, no spics or niggers.
+1 vote
Jul 23, 2019
Aaa fuck. Wish the video didn't get cut off before the kid got snuffed, woulda loved to see it
+1 vote
Jul 24
rb Level 5 16,552 points
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