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CHILD WARNING! Disgusting Child Abuse
Firstly the description of this section states that torture videos are allowed so I'm assuming that this is where this is supposed to be posted. If not, please could a mod' move it to the correct section.

Secondly, please be warned, this is heartbreaking.

The video came with the caption 'mother trying to kill her kids cuz husband left her' - I do not know if this is correct. Either way, this is just fucking evil.
30,199 views Jul 19, 2018

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Sauron Level 1 109 points
tough to watch
+4 votes
May 9, 2019
robbievik Level 1 194 points
Someone should beat her to a inch of her life
+3 votes
Jul 17, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 87 points
you sick bastard you have a problem with this ,yet were turned on seeing a kitten crushed to death you sick in the brain freak
tanasinn Level 1 327 points
HUMAN babys are different dumb ass
The DarkCrusader Level 1 31 points
just a black kid. to bad so sad. this is why i love my gated community, no spics or niggers.
+2 votes
Jul 23, 2019
i bet you love getting your lunch tray smacked out of your hand in school too you autist
Fuck you Level 1 0 points
Kill yourself inbred cracker
Aaa fuck. Wish the video didn't get cut off before the kid got snuffed, woulda loved to see it
0 votes
Jul 24, 2020
Garrib Level 1 1 point
Go To hell song of devil!!!!bitch!!!
Garrib Level 1 1 point
Anonymous   go To hell!
Ive seen a loooot of shit in my life but this even hurts me omfg
+2 votes
Apr 10
damn i have seen a ton of this shit irl and on here but this just aint right
+1 vote
Apr 14
SweetCandy9 Level 3 5,720 points
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–2 votes
Apr 18
Rival Assassin Anti-Abuse
Fuck this mother fucking nigger woman if she's caught by some agency's she need to be death sentenced for torturing the twins for a stupid reason and the mother nigga had to blame it on the baby before her husband left her I could probably do that to her what she did to her own child she doesn't deserve to have a child just to torture it like that for a accusation so pls find this lady and I hope the child victim had to still be alive this day if the twins already have been killed and not rescued I could probably torture her as long as she live and feel the burning pain
+1 vote
May 18
Lol fukin coward ass white people love saying nigger (online)
Hate that word bud im white but i would never say it your right white racists wouldnt go to a black person and say it there face....idiots
Rival Assassin Anti-Abuse
Stfu you twink I ain't white you boomer dicknip nigga so stfu
Rival Assassin Anti-Abuse
Lol fuck ass motherfucking nigger just one of the unregistered minor dickhead twinks your mother woop your fat ass until it's purple
rb Level 5 17,180 points
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