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Rapist Being Beaten And Raped With A Tube Inside Prison
Nelson Enrique Leal, 25 years old, nicknamed "The Nelsito" was captured at 7:30 pm, Wednesday January 15, 2014, by soldiers of Detachment 33 of the National Guard in full public road, at kilometer 14 of the Williams road, rural area of the municipality Cabimas, Venezuela, when he went to the passenger terminal of that city to flee the Zulia State, because according to the investigations was dressed up to evade to the authorities.

The operating already had several days installed and started when the angry and concerned community went to that belonging military unit to Core 3 for help, because they had already made three complaints in different police forces of the state and did not get any response , having to live with uneasiness and panic sparked by violence against women, which the bandit had generated.

Brigadier General Luis Alberto Morales Guerrero, commander of Regional no. 3, coordinated intelligence work already carried about 4 days of raids and intelligence work to give to the capture of the alleged rapist who threatened his victims and He followed them to commit acts of violence against more than 10 women according to complaints received. "Unfortunately we assume that violate managed more women who came to denounce, as these out of fear, fear and shame did not dare to accuse him. Thanks to God this citizen is in the hands of justice, "said the senior officer annotating an operating with 15 national guards managed to quickly capture the sex offender was performed.

According organized communal councils, the Municipality Simon Bolivar, the offender was being requested by all law enforcement agencies in Zulia State, an arrest warrant court control since it was alleged serial rapist because he committed several acts of lasciviousness to different women of the community. Among the complainants there are only 3 people, two teenagers and one adult, "said nearby source where resides" El Nelsito ".

"It was a commitment to the inhabitants of the residence near Leal, who stated that the panic was such that some schools in the area did not last two days classes sector. Some women were not to work because they feared for their lives. For many it was no secret that the subject he was involved in crimes of theft, he remained imprisoned for a reasonable time in Cabimas" added the Head of Core 3.

At this time he is retained in the facilities of Detachment 33 of the National Guard, from the order of the public prosecutor, the prosecutor on duty 19 and the second court control, as it has a precautionary measure to deprivation of freedom.

"Just in the few days by 2014 this military unit in Zulia has captured more than 60 people applied for different crimes, a result that affects minimize crime rates in the region, as a mechanism to eradicate the major crimes that afflict citizens, this is our fight, relentlessly and with all our energy and knowledge to give the zulianos a quiet and peaceful state "General Morales Guerrero ended.

Time after being imprisoned, began circulating on social networks a video which shows in detail the welcome given to Nelsito by inmates.

This is the kind of welcome that is usually given to rapists for their aberrant acts.

According to this video, Nelson ran with better luck than the infamous rapist "Pocaterra," who was beheaded by cellmates in prison.

Nelson only received a few bumps and abuses, as he did to his victims.


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