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A party on a bus in Venezuela or maybe colombia
Girl:"let me stand up let me stand up and i'm gonna do it "
Boys:hey man closet that door right there
Girl: " this it's not right guys, this it's not right guys, i'm not gonna hang out we You guys anymore"
Guys: sheee be quiet " smokes in her faces"
12,625 views Aug 8

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MasterMike2021 Famous 3,401 points
Well I’m sure the backstory on this would prove that their are no victims and that they are all fucking trash.
+1 vote
Aug 8
DelbertGrady Natural Addict 9,503 points
Looks like a Biden family reunion.
+5 votes
Aug 8
Billthebutcher Famous 4,360 points
That's good shit lmfao
ALAMANNVS Famous 3,861 points
The Orange Peril has another name . . .
TheHound Advanced 2,454 points
Probably a bus funded by the U.N. taking south Americans to the U.S. border so they can cross illegally
+3 votes
Aug 8
Billthebutcher Famous 4,360 points
I believe it
Kyzuke Intermediate 1,455 points
Girl: "i'm not gonna hang out with you guys anymore"
Oh shit, seriously? naaah
+1 vote
Aug 8
hola ese
+1 vote
Aug 8
Eris Boreas Greyrat Famous 3,341 points
This reminds me of Gang rape of Delhi.
+1 vote
Aug 8
B4WB4G Extreme Poster 677 points
A party on a bus…………. In some shithole country
+1 vote
Aug 8
Real_Misanthrope Natural Addict 8,563 points
Typical cunt. Just rape and kill her. And then dispose her corpse by the side of the road.
0 votes
Aug 9
FuckTheFools Intermediate 1,205 points
Oiiii, @Real_Misanthrope aka Real Faggot, why do you hate women so much? The first woman who rejected you was your own mommy, and then you tried to put a relationship with some girls in school but your have been rejected by them and you choose to became a faggot who hates women? Oiiiii, my poor boy! Losers like you who want women to be raped, deserves your dick being removed! You fucking loser! Fucking queer! Go suck a nigglet dick and shut the fuck up, you insect
Real_Misanthrope Natural Addict 8,563 points
Insect? Ouch! Hahaha you make me laugh, you fucking faggot. Women are trash and they deserve to die. Just kill yourself, you piece of shit.
FuckTheFools Intermediate 1,205 points
Oiiii, @Real_Misanthrope, aka Real Faggot, your level of intelligence is so low, you fucktard! ))) It's cristal clear you are a faggot! You choose to hate gorgeous women just bcz your small dick can't satisfy them, you fool! I bet you feel really insecure next to women, am I right, queer? )) You hate your mommy too, i mean..what a poor soul you are! "Women are trash" )) Fucking faggot! Good damn, faggs are the most disgusting scums! And the ones who hates women, are just insecure incels hiddding in their basements )) Fucking retarded queer
Real_Misanthrope Natural Addict 8,563 points
Oh, chill out faggot. don't be such a drama queen. you know something, I kinda like you. You make laugh. You faggot. LMAO!
FuckTheFools Intermediate 1,205 points
oiiiii, @Real_Misanthrope aka Real Faggot, i own your small brain, i am living in your head 24/24, you retarded mad faggot! )) I OWN YOUR SOUL, you disgusting queer! From this moment, you are my silly faggot princess
Blondelust1313rape 27 points
He would have to HAVE a dick to be removed
FuckTheFools Intermediate 1,205 points
I fucking hate rapists! They are the lamest cowards on earth! A bunch of losers raping and forcing a woman to suck their miserable ugly dicks! So brave from them! Bunch of losers
0 votes
Aug 9
JackHeroM 4 points
@Real_Misanthrope I am new to this site and I had to make an account to tell you that women are living creatures just like you. Everyone deserves respect. Maybe you had a bad experience with women but not every woman is same, same is for men. Everyone is different. Peace
0 votes
Aug 9
FuckTheFools Intermediate 1,205 points
Oiiii, @JackHeroM , ignore that retarded fool! He admitted weeks ago he had some bad experience with women! He send some photos with his small dick to underage girl on Instagram and the girl laughed at his whinky Little dick and this is his story! He hates them and now he like men.. i think he is a bisexual with some mentally issues
Real_Misanthrope Natural Addict 8,563 points
You both are fucking faggots, but I like you. You guys amuse me so much. Keep on please. LMAO!
FuckTheFools Intermediate 1,205 points
Oiiii, @Real_Misanthrope aka Real Pedofagg, why so insecure with your pedofaggotry?you disgusting low IQ pedofagg. Stop hating women! You are on this earth bcz of a woman, you fool
JackTrxt28506 Addicted 2,132 points

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