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Killed PCC Gang Member Is Beheaded and Gradually Dismembered by Rivals
Video from Brazil shows an already dead man being decapitated with a machete, and then slashed up and gradually dismembered, though the video ends before complete dismemberment, probably because they couldn’t fashion a reasonably sharp machete and the dull piece of rusty metal they had was taking forever.

According to the information I got, the beheaded man was a member of PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital, ie First Capital Command), and indeed I hear the killers mention PCC numerous times throughout the video, however whereas I don’t speak Portuguese, I could not tell if they’re really bitching at the victim, or praising themselves.


According to what we hear, the guy who is being beheaded was indeed a member of the PCC.

At 00:09 it is said: “Quem manda aqui é o CV“, which translates as something like “The boss here is the CV” (CV = Comando Vermelho, ie Red Command)

Later, the killers says things like “Esta é a Tropa do VL” (These are the VL troops), “Tropa do Nandinho” (must be one of the VL leaders), “Tropa do Diney” (by the sound of it, Diney was a recently deceased member (“se foi“), meaning that the guy is dead, “Está aberta a caçada aos PCC” (The PCC is being now being hunted), “Vamos pegar de um por um” (We’ll get you one by one).
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