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Brutal Execution of Mother in Front of Her Daughter in Venezuela
Mother possibly had drug debt by which her debtors asked her to leave her abode to step out for a "chat"
Child was present to witness the execution of her mother.
19,729 views Apr 13, 2018
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robbievik Level 1 157 points
Well it was not in front of her daughter However I am sure the daughter her the gun shot SIMPLE
+2 votes
Jul 7, 2019
Dounkg Level 1 62 points
Sad moment for daughter
+1 vote
Dec 16, 2019
THEAD Level 1 56 points
And this is why in the future one of these children will start hunting down cartel members and kill them one by one. And yes the cartel members say "we will kill them first if they do it" but that is the problem, cause till now all of those children have joined the police or other cartels in order to get revenge, and none of them has actually killed cartel members like assassins in order to get revenge. But one day one will and that day will be a great lesson for all cartels. And the lesson will not be "kill the child too" because so can it be a cousin or some other family member doing the same too. The lesson will be "you cartel members are NOT immortal either".
0 votes
Jul 11
rb Level 5 16,751 points
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