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3 Guys 1 Hammer
This is a real video of a man being gruesomely killed, filmed using a cellphone (hence the potato quality) by Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, a group of your Ukrainian teen boys who brutally murdered 21 people with a hammer and a screwdriver. The Ukrainian serial killers carried out the acts within a span of a month, starting with animals then later on to people.This is a horrific, likely the most graphic and violent video on the internet. Be warned, the video, is very upsetting. In 2009 all three were found guilty and two received life in prison while the other received nine years. The official motivation for the murders was to get rich. It was said that they planned on filming 40 snuff films and would sell them to a wealthy foreign website owner. Although detectives are unsure of this and are unable to prove it, they think the boys did it as a hobby, and videotaped it for a memory.
The names of Dnepropetrovsk killers are: Viktor Sayenko, Igor Suprunyuck, Alexander Hanzha.
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GoreMaster Level 1 41 points
Watched this 2013... many reaction videos about this
+1 vote
Jan 24, 2019
YeLLoWcAkE238 Level 1 120 points
The business model was sound enough, snuff movies commanded big bucks a few years ago easy money for savage men in savage countries.
0 votes
Feb 5, 2019
I am not a religous man but this video really makes me pray that there is a heaven and hell
+1 vote
Feb 25, 2019
WTF c'est encore disponible en 2019
0 votes
Jul 10, 2019
Spread.Hate Level 1 16 points
Another Jew down
0 votes
Feb 16, 2020
Joor79 Level 1 174 points
I remember watching this the first time versus watching it now how desensitized I've become
0 votes
Mar 21, 2020
Yes <a href='../tag/%23livegore'>#livegore
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Jun 5, 2020
Shane Moriarty
when he starts to to moan through the gargling that's when I just can't help but bust my nut. after all these years it's still one of my favourites to stroke to.
0 votes
Sep 10, 2020
Amir.ariaee Level 1 28 points
خدایا خودت کمک این بشر کن
0 votes
3 days ago
rb Level 5 16,765 points
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