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Cruelly Mutilated 14years old boy using machete.
28,671 views Mar 7, 2018

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livingmikemare Level 1 12 points
Are you fuckin kiddin me?
0 votes
Mar 23, 2018
Blood&Guts Level 1 71 points
Good Grief ..that was hard to watch ....What brutal beasts humans can be....
+1 vote
Apr 21, 2018
Trump the Pedo
OMG how horrible. Is it a BOY or GIRL ? If you look closely there seems to be a pair of breast below the tshirt. Also the limbs are very feminine so too is the voice and typical female pleading.
0 votes
May 22, 2018
Hopper_Ate_A_Whopper Level 1 1 point
Did you not read the caption?
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 87 points
omg i hope it was a skank , omfg the masked hunk doing it fuk me hard str8 after uv killed more women
0 votes
Jan 11, 2020
Thewatcherrr Level 1 1 point
Bro your weird  dislike females but want to be one , should hate men since they kill you faggots
SweetCandy98 Level 3 3,149 points
My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now(28853):
0 votes
Apr 19
spam cunt
dis is what spam cunts like SweerCandy98 need
dingleberry6149 Level 1 24 points
if you want open borders, don't come whine to me if the cartels do this to your family.
+1 vote
Apr 26
dingleberry6149 Level 1 24 points
I wonder if the bordes would be open if that was bidens grandchild
0 votes
Apr 27
Jew Slayer Level 1 217 points
What is the purpose of doing such a thing to a youngster ? Even if he stole from the cartel this would serve no purpose , if they are going to kill him just put a round through his dome and problem finished. The brutality of this kind of thing shows a very real mental/emotional issue, it comes as no surprise that the dark races have always been known as the “beasts of the field”, this is a fact and it’s in most of the ancient texts including the Bible .
+2 votes
May 7
Geez5730 Level 1 6 points
This looks like the same kid in that one other video with the girl in it. Rest In Peace.
0 votes
May 9
Strawberry_Blood Level 1 69 points
That poor child...I hope he's doing alright.
0 votes
May 11
Haden Level 1 2 points
Sadly he died, rest in peace may god be with him.
FuckWhatAmIDoing Level 1 243 points
For those who don't know this is the same kid from the interrogation and beheading video with the girl
0 votes
Jun 8
rb Level 5 17,180 points
The Best Collection Of Beheading, Killing, Suicide, And Stabbing Videos!
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