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FULL VIDEO! Brazil Man Being Dismembered Alive
This is full version video from my previous uploaded video.
Previous video :
78,178 views Feb 1, 2018
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May Level 1 38 points
yes sir the sound of cutting flesh ,pretty gory , I do  wish there was more to the stories,
0 votes
May 20, 2018
Blood&Guts Level 1 44 points
Why is it some times the victoms look high as hell ??,,
This fat boy was actually smilling when they were working on the second arm ....
–1 vote
Jan 19
KWAPT Level 1 3 points
That’s because they are high. The cartels sometimes sedate them so that they don’t struggle/move/fight when being chopped up. Perfect example is the infamous chainsaw video. While one guy is being cut up, his buddy next to him is perfectly calm and almost bored.
Jackster Level 1 30 points
Reminds me of a video I saw of some Eskimos cutting up a dead whale. Lots of blubber.
0 votes
Feb 27
Yes, just lie there and let someone chop your arms off, sounds like a great idea.
0 votes
Jul 2
rb Level 5 16,078 points
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