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FULL VERSION - Brutally Cutting A Guy's Heart Out (Part 2)
GRAPHIC — Mexican Cartel Cuts Out Living Victim’s Heart near Acapulco.
WTF? The scariest cardiac surgeon ever!

Part 1 :
133,230 views Jan 20, 2018
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Blood&Guts Level 1 54 points
Gotta hand it to old Juan Valdez  there , he sure is handy a scalper...
Make sure you watch Part one it shows the first guy losing his head in fine style  ....
+3 votes
Apr 21, 2018
rb Level 5 16,765 points
Oh god i forgot to attach link for the part one, thanks for remind me about part one (facepalm),i will edit description for this one!
meatsaw12345 Level 1 49 points
The poo tamales man is brutal I bet that guy is constantly having to look over his shoulder what a life, he always has his face covered but there's someone out there who knows who he is and when they catch Mr. Poo tamales they'll torture that dude for a long time I judt hope it comes on here, that's going to be a badass video.
+2 votes
Feb 10, 2019
shiteatingfaggott Level 1 93 points
yes too right i thnk hes on another video with a guy in a ski mask he still wears tht weird hat
Fuck these god damn cockroaches. Its not like they killed another assassin or a rival cartel member, but a cop and his son. I'm not sure how the father was involved with them but I know the son was innocent and did nothing to them to deserve the pain he endured. Not just the physical pain but the emotional pain as well. It can be easy watching your dad get his head cut off by a bunch of pussy ass faggots. RIP father and son. I hope these fucking murders are caught and tortured for hours!! And suffer more in hell
+2 votes
Mar 4, 2019
rb Level 5 16,765 points
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