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Scimitar Used To Dismember Los Zetas Alive
Cut To Pieces With A Scimitar.
6,325 views Jul 15, 2020

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LilPeep420 Level 1 84 points
0:00[Interrogator]: What’s your name?
[Hostage]: Omar Flores.
[Interrogator]: What do they call you?
[Hostage]: “El Vago.”
[Interrogator]: Where are you from?
[El Vago]: [*unintelligible*]
[Interrogator]: Who do you work for?
[El Vago]: Commander Fiero.
[Interrogator]: What plazas does he control?
[El Vago]: The “Z” and the double Sphinxes(?).
[Interrogator]: How many people does Fiero have?
[El Vago]: Five gunslingers.
[Interrogator]: How much do they pay you?
[El Vago]: 12,000 monthly.
[Interrogator]: Are you scared?
[El Vago]: Yes…
[Interrogator]: Where have you fought?
[El Vago]: Huetamo.
[Interrogator]: Where do the hitman that they send to Huetamo come from?
[El Vago]: From Playa de Michoacan, *unintelligible*.
[Interrogator]: Who’s better organized, the FM or Cartel Jalisco [Nueva Generacion]?
[El Vago]: … Cartel Jaliso.
[Interrogator]: Are you innocent, [or a] hitman?
[El Vago]: Hitman.
[Interrogator]: [*Presumably to the video recipients*] There it is, thought all y’all claimed to be innocent people? The four letters rule around here, fuck.
[*Now talking to Vago*] What do you wanna say to your daddy Fiero?
[El Vago]: That… that [*unintelligible*].
1:01 [Transition to El Vago getting dismembered]
[Phone conversation between caller 1 and caller 2 in background]
[Caller 1]: Delta One?
[Caller 2/Delta One]: Ye, who’s this?
[Caller 1]: Look here, son of your whore mother – I’m Mencho [*Current leader of CJNG*] dude, chill the fuck out and tell your guys to back down before I rip you and your fucking dogs apart, I’ve got 30 of your guys identified. How do you like that?
[Delta One]: 1-
[Mencho]: Go suck a dick, [*unintelligible because of my people’s funny regional music, but lots of “go suck a dick”, “fuck your mom”, etc.*]
2:01 [Executioner Groupee]: Look, Fiero, son of your whore mother, there’s your Vago [*Side note: “Vago” means “bum” in Spanish, so this guy’s using a nice play on words*], straight up, faggot. Grow a pair of balls because you’re up next, pussy. People of Commander Amuletas all day, faggot. The four letters rule around here, fuck. Your fuckin’ mother, check this out, bitch… [*Hold ups up dismembered arm of El Vago*] Shit… Your bitch mother.
2:33 [Transitions to a CJNG member standing over the remains of El Vago, reading a script off his phone]
[CJNG Member]: -will continue to support all the people within Estado de Mexico [State of Mexico] who want to join our army, to finish off the Familia Michoacana rats. We are people of Huetamo, of Señor Chito Cano. We don’t lack money, as those dumbasses claim. Remember, our cartel is the richest, with a presence that spans all of Mexico. We are here, to support all the common people, that live in fear of being kidnapped or that have to pay extortion money to those bottom-feeders. Open your eyes. Do not continue to support them, as even if you pay money to them, they’ll still make you become look-outs for them, sometimes without even paying you, which only risks you getting killed by us. Because once they realize that we’re here, they run away, leaving you in a problematic situation. To reiterate, any respect you have towards the government, as long as you stop supporting them [Familia Michoacana], and that dumbass of El Mala, who’s threatening the ministries, don’t worry about it, as we’ll hang him from a bridge one of these days. To all of the presidents-
-video end-
–2 votes
Aug 15, 2020
I'M A GAY PAKI NIGGA Level 1 338 points
Chup kar bharwe ke bache madarchod tu kutte ki maut mare ga cartel murdabad
mark Level 7 34,006 points
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