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Zacatecas, Mexico
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Should’ve forced her to watch them lop her legs off before killing her :(
+2 votes
Jul 7
THEAD Level 1 56 points
And then you Cartel members go and pray to your Christian Catholic Churches!?!?!?!?
LOLs do you honestly think God is blind? Ou OMG you are the most imbecile stupid arrogant motherfuckers in the world.
Cause you should think yourself as Atheist, and NOT Christian Catholic cause all Christians know that God sees everything, including that and cares NOT of your drug and money business but does care of you killing people.
So FUCK IT, why are you praying in church? To insure your place in hell more?
Well you don't need to, cause she will be waiting there with a fork for you in your ass and up.
If you think you create fear with such acts, you are HUGELY MISTAKING. You only create anger with such acts. The anger of Anonymous and over 35 million active Anon members in the world.
Trust me, your time will come and when it does, it will not be merciful.
0 votes
Jul 11
What's the point in proceeding to dismember a corpse? Practise? I wish the audio was loud af, i hate my neighbours, all of them.
0 votes
Jul 17
mark Level 5 20,230 points
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